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Lottery Tickets ImageThe idea of getting lottery tickets still attracts many people despite of all the financial difficulties going around and regardless of the economic crisis. For commonly an insignificant entry fee, players get the chance to win grand lottery prizes that can offer an opportunity to do stuff they always wanted to. Although the odds of lottery winning are usually quite modest, there are many smaller lottery prizes besides the jackpot, and you never know - it could always be your lucky day!

Lottery winning, the stuff dreams are made of, is simply a game of chance. The odds are often astounding, even astronomical. Still, there are “measures” that can be taken to “increase” your odds.

To win the lottery, it is important to understand what is meant by the odds. Odds, in reference to a lottery game, do not refer to the ratio of winners to the number of lottery tickets sold. Instead, it is the ratio of any given ticket to the number of possible winning combinations. Consequently, when odds are 1:86,000,000, there is one chance that your lotto ticket will be drawn out of eighty six million possible combinations. Now, while it seems quite reasonable that buying ten lotto tickets will increase your odds to one in 8.6 million, this simply isn’t true. Each ticket has an equal 1:86,000,000 chance of winning – you simply have ten similar chances.

To select your lottery numbers properly, you must be familiar with the bell curve. Bell curve is the normal distribution of a given sequence of numbers. In simple terms, distribution of numbers in a random set will be greatest at the centre (or median) of a given sequence and least at the extremes. An easy example, and one you can actually try out, is rolling a pair of dice. It is more likely you will roll a seven than a six or an eight. In turn, you are more likely to roll a five or nine than a six or eight and so on. Now, looking at a lottery slip, what do you see? A sequence of numbers.

With the numerous possible combinations of numbers, it is seemingly impossible to pick the winning combination. Replaying the lottery ticket over and over, however, increases, though slowly, the odds of your lotto ticket being drawn. How? Because odds of the same combination being picked more than once in such a large distribution are extremely small. Therefore, your combination has better odds of being drawn with each successive draw!

In this way, it is wise to pick a larger set of numbers from the centre of the range, and fewer from the extremes. Likewise, it is important not to pick all of your numbers from the centre.

Finally, replay those numbers repeatedly. It is a fact after all that real lottery winners have been playing their combinations for some time. Play smart. Eventually, it is a game of chance.