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Free Online Lottery

Free Online LotteryWhen you play FREE online lotteries there is no need to buy tickets for money as there is for conventional lotto games. To play free lottery games, the player usually has to view ads or click on internet banners. The jackpot is financed by the companies advertising on the lotteries web sites. The largest current free online draw is $100,000.

Is it Really Free?

You play for free in promotional free lotteries. Free lotteries are quite popular on the internet because you do get a prize if you win. Since you don't spend any money to play, you can't really call free lotteries betting or gambling. There are fewer regulations in regards to free lotteries as they are not under the same degree of management by governments as general state lotteries. They are commonly considered promotion games.

About Free Lotteries

Free lotteries in the US started during the internet boom during the late 90s. In December 2007 started the UK's largest free lottery, with a prize of £10 Million. The lottery is open to users worldwide.

Chances of Winning

Similar to regular lotteries, the chances of winning a free lottery jackpot are principally determined by several factors:

  • the amount of possible numbers
  • the amount of winning numbers drawn
  • whether or not order is significant
  • whether drawn numbers are returned for the possibility of further

It is generally believed that chances of winning in free lotteries are lower than in regular lotteries. In addition, free lottery prizes are often sent back as monthly amounts stretched over a long period of time. The amount received in the end may be far less than the net amount won in the game.

Free lotteries are fine if you aren't interested in hitting a huge jackpot. But if you would rather play a traditional lottery game for the chance to become an overnight millionaire, you might be better off sticking to something beside free lotteries.