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7 Lucky New York Lottery Winners

New York LotteryCan you believe the luck of these 7 New York Lottery Winners?

While you may use strategy to help increase your odds of winning a big lottery jackpot, there can be no doubt that plain old fashioned luck has a lot to do with it.

Winning the lottery is the ultimate fantasy and a genuine ticket to financial freedom if one's winnings are handled correctly. Here is hoping that the following winners are living the dream.

7 New York Lottery Winners

Geraldine Pollice, a stay at home mom, bought her winning scratch off ticket at the Smoke Stax III store on 18th Avenue in Brooklyn. She'd just gone in for a newspaper. She and her husband each received a net of $1,557,000.00.

EuglenMusli, who moved from Albania to New York City 6 years ago, is definitely living the American Dream thanks to his lottery win. Musli opted for the cash payout of his $1.5 million dollar win and received $760,626.00

76 year old recently retired attorney Arthur Berg, of Brooklyn, was on his way to his family's country estate in Greene County when he decided to stop and purchase a $2 Quick Pick for the Powerball drawing. An avid lottery player, Berg won $1 million dollars.

New York Lottery Changes Lives

Guyana native, RafikSulaiman, had taken a secret break from his security job at Rockefeller Center when he discovered that he'd won a $3 million dollar jackpot. He was so amazed that he went back to the store, where he had purchased the ticket from a vending machine, to double check.

John Sandrowsky ultimately has his wife to thank for his $1 million dollar win. Sandrownsky's wife, Nancy, was checking her husband's lottery tickets online when she discovered he had won. The first thing John wanted to know was if he could quit his job. He received a single net payment for $623,040.00

67 year old Timothy Brassil, a native of Ireland, says that the bulk of his $1 million Sweet Million jackpot win is all but spoken for. The retired construction worker says he has student loans, a wedding and a grandchild on the way to think about.

Salvatore Montante woke up his two sons and then called his daughter in the wee hours of the morning when he realized he held a $1 million dollar Ruby 2s scratch off card. The family quickly gathered together and celebrated his win.

Isn't it heartening to hear how quickly one's luck or fortune can change? While all of these people definitely dreamed of winning the New York Lottery, you have to wonder if they ever actually believed they would.