La Primitiva Lottery - The Oldest Established Lottery

La Primitiva Lottery logoSpain’s La Primitiva Lottery is one of the oldest established lottery associations in the world today, having been in existence since way back in 1763.

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La Primitiva means The Primitive One, which makes reference to the advanced age and history of this particular game, which was first played on December 10th, 1763.

It is run by the Spanish government and the national lottery association is known as “Loteria Nacional.”

Loterias y Apuestas del Estado is the full name of the company that runs and maintains all of the games of the official lotteries of Spain, including the ones that are offered on the internet.

Approximately 70% of all money collected from lottery ticket purchases in the Loteria Nacional is placed back into the lottery jackpots, a considerably higher percentage than most other national lottery games around the world.

The Spanish Lottery Association says that its primary goal is to share the wealth of lottery winnings between as many players as possible. This goal is apparently being met, because besides the large lottery prizes being won, about 35% of all tickets produce winners!

Although Spain has several national lottery games, La Primitiva is undoubtedly the most popular of all.

Upon its inception, La Primitiva was comprised of 90 numbers with a match-five winning jackpot prize and this remained the practice until it was discontinued in 1862.

This well known and favorite lottery was brought back to be included in the games of the Loteria Nacional in 1985 and has flourished since then as lottery players from around the globe buy tickets for a chance at this lucrative game.

Today, instead of the original match five of 90 numbers format, La Primitiva is based on a single matrix comprised of matching 6 numbers out of 49.

A player who matches all six numbers is the jackpot prize winner.

However, the main jackpot prize is far from the only way to win at La Primitiva!

There are five ways you can be a winner playing La Primitiva. For example, you can win a prize by matching all five numbers plus one more additional number, five of the main numbers drawn, four matching numbers, or three matching numbers.

You must be a minimum of 18 years of age to play La Primitiva. Before the internet which made online lottery ticket sales possible, you needed to be a Spanish resident to play La Primitiva.

Now, though, you can get in on the fun and prizes of the Spanish Lottery by buying tickets at a reputable online lottery website.

If you don’t wish to pick your own lottery numbers, you have the option of using a computer generated set of numbers similar to the Lucky Dip in the U.K. or the Quick Pick in the U.S.

La Primitiva Lottery pays out an astonishing US $6.53 million every week and US $1.39 billion every year! The average jackpot prize is approximately 2 million Euros.

All La Primitiva prizes are tax free as far as the Spanish government and keep strictly confidential and private. All prize monies are paid in full, and you may elect to have your prize winnings paid to you in cash, by check, or by bank transfer to any bank in the world, in a currency of your choice.

La Primitiva drawings are held twice weekly, every Saturday and Thursday at 9:30 CET.

Buy tickets online and try your luck in this tried-and-true, old favorite lottery game!