What is PowerBall?

Current Jackpot: $90,000,000

The Powerball Lottery is one of the two "giant" lotto games in the United States. It is famous for its mammoth jackpots and an extremely popular game both in America and abroad.

The Powerball jackpot minimum is $40 million and it rolls over, which means it continies to grow in size for each draw that doesn't produce a top prize winner. As you can probably imagine, starting out so high and rolling over, this is a lottery that can grow to remarkable jackpots and make some lucky player or players wealthy beyond anything they ever imagined.

Powerball tickets cost $2 and you have the option of adding the Power Play, which doubles the amount won. If you aren't lucky enough to walk away with the jackpot, there are many other ways to win amounts up to $1 million!

Where Is Powerball Played?

The Powerball Lottery is now cross-selling Mega Millions lottery tickets!

In October 2009, the Mega Millions lottery consortium and the Multi-State Lottery Association came to an agreement to begin cross-selling Mega Million and Powerball lottery tickets in U. S. jurisdictions.

By May 2013 Powerball Lottery ticket sales were expanded to include 43 jurisdictions. This means that more players have an opportunity to win the Powerball prize jackpots!

About the Powerball Drawing

Here is how the drawings work.

Powerball combines a large jackpot game along with a cash game. Every Wednesday and Saturday night at 10:59 p.m. EST, five white balls are drawn from a drum with 59 balls and one red ball is drawn from a drum holding 39 red balls. The drawings are held at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

Players win Powerball in one of the 9 Ways that you will find here on this Powerball payouts and odds page.

The jackpot is won by matching all five white balls in any order as well as the red PowerBall. The jackpot paid out is either an annualized prize received over 29 years (30 payments) or a lump sum payment. If the winner chooses the annuity, the annual payment will be increased each year by the percentage set out according to Powerball game rules.

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