UK National Lottery

UK National Lottery

It goes without saying that UK National Lottery is very popular in the UK, with an estimated 70% of the adult population playing the game.

Why, you ask?

Because there are approximately 4 million prize winners a week, not to mention more than £29 billion in prizes awarded since the launch of the game. Since its inception, the National Lottery has made more than 2,000 millionaires since the first drawing was held.

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If you live in the UK you can play National Lottery online at the National Lottery official website.

How to Play the UK National Lottery

With odds like that, naturally you will want to know how to play the game. Begin by purchasing a lottery ticket, either in a store or online. Next, you will choose six different numbers from a range of 1-49.

If you are intimidated by the idea of choosing your own numbers, no worries! National Lotto players may elect to have their numbers generated randomly by the computer. This method is called the Quick Pick.

Is National Lottery Worth Playing?

National Lottery is the United Kingdom's largest lottery, regularly played by around 70% of the adult population.

National Lottery games include draw-based games like Lotto, Lotto HotPicks, Dream Number, Thunderball, Daily Play and EuroMillions, as well as National Lottery scratchcards and online Instant Win Games.

Where Does the Money Go?

Camelot, managing the National Lottery infrastructure, designs new games, develops marketing support for lottery products and runs the network that sells tickets to players in partnership with over 26,000 retailers UK-wide.

National Lottery players helped to raise over £20 billion for Good Causes to date. On average, around £25 million is generated for Good Causes each week. One in four National Lottery jackpots is won by a syndicate.

Fun Facts About the UK National Lottery

Everyone likes to imagine what they will do, if they win a lottery, but what actually happens to those fortunate players who hit the jackpot and start turning those dreams into reality? Did you know...

  • One in every 23,500 adults in the UK is now a millionaire jackpot winner.
  • 96% of National Lottery millionaires report that they are as happy or happier
  • 77% report that the elimination of financial worries is one of the best things about winning the lottery.
  • A new car is the first purchase 34% of lottery winners make with their winnings with an average number of motors bought by lottery millionaires is over six. BMW is the National Lottery millionaires’ favourite make of car, with Mercedes and Land Rover/Range Rover coming in second and third places respectively.
  • 80% of National Lottery millionaires' buy a bigger, nicer home. National Lottery millionaires do not move far though as 88% stay within 20 miles of their old home, proving that friends and family are hard to leave behind.
  • Most NationalLottery millionaires (64%) take between two to four holidays a year, with the USA and Spain once again topping their list of favourite destinations
  • Proving that they are a generous bunch, 99% of National Lottery winners give money to family and 76% to friends
  • 76% say that giving money to others gives them a greater sense of satisfaction than spending it on themselves
  • National Lottery winners are also enthusiastic philanthropists, with a staggering 91% reporting they have made a charitable donation.
  • Of those working before their win, a third (34%) choose to carry on working with around half (53%) of those even remaining full time.
  • 35% have started, helped to start or invested in a business
  • Ultimately, 77% of National Lottery winners report that they are now as well off, or better off, than when they first picked up their cheque.

Those sound like excellent reasons to play the UK National Lottery!

Financial Figures

Run on around 4.5% of total revenues, the UK National Lottery is the most cost-efficient lottery in Europe Under the terms of Camelot’s licence, each pound spent on The NationaLottery over the seven-year period is allocated as follows:

  • 50p is paid to winners in prizes
  • 28p is given to the Good Causes as set out by Parliament
  • 12p is passed on to the Government in lottery duty
  • 5p commission is paid to National Lottery retailers on all tickets sold 
  • 4.5p covers Camelot’s operating cost
  • 0.5p is retained as Camelot’s profit in the second licence

If you live in the UK you can play The National Lottery online at The National Lottery official website.