5 Reasons People Play the Lottery

5-reasons-people-play-the-lottery_1Mention the word lottery and no doubt the image of a giant-sized check with your name on it and dollar signs inevitably emerges in your head.

The win the lottery dream is a common one, one that isn't limited by age or social standards. Who isn't enchanted by the idea of having a healthy bank account, a life free of financial struggle, particularly during economic downturns, large layoffs and restructurings, higher taxes and less money in their pocket at the end of the week?

Why do People Play the Lottery?

  1. The number one reason people play the lottery is because it is the ultimate rescue fantasy. A hand full of numbers and a mere dollar gives you the chance to strike it rich. In times of serious financial struggle sometimes this scenario feels like the only way out of debt, or out of a miserable job, or even a bad neighborhood. People who have lost their jobs, who are facing a mountain of medical bills, a mortgage in foreclosure, look at the odds and play the long shot in the hope that they will win and improve their circumstances.
  2. You will often see a rush of new entries when the jackpot climbs especially high. This creates a social hive-like mentality, which encourages everyone to hurry out and purchase tickets. They don't want to be "left out" of the trend, they want to be a part of all the excitement.
  3. People who play the lottery are often excited by the idea of getting something for almost nothing. It is the ultimate payoff with low risk and a big reward.
  4. Most lottery tickets are only a dollar and people are more willing to part with a single dollar than a larger amount. In the event that they do not win, they have only lost a buck.
  5. It becomes a habit. Habitual lottery players play the same numbers every week for years on end. Purchasing the lottery ticket becomes no different than picking up a gallon of milk or a carton of eggs.

When do People Play the Lottery?

People who are in desperate circumstances are more willing to play the lottery as a means of escape. The idea of being financially sound and solvent, of being able to afford more than the mere necessities is a powerful motivator.

Additionally, folks who almost never play the lottery are prone to enter when the jackpot number escalates, adopting a "someone has to win" mentality, and the only way to win the lottery is to play the lottery.