Powerball Latest Lottery Winners 2015

Would you like to get the skinny on a few recent Powerball Lottery winners?

The Powerball Lottery is a much loved and played lotto game in the US and internationally, as well. If you're an avid lottery player you might enjoy reading a few stories about recent winners.

2015 Powerball Lottery Winners

2015_Powerball_drawing_564_millionsIn the February 11th, 2015 Powerball drawing with a fabulous jackpot of $564.1 million, 3 very lucky winners matched all the numbers to split this top prize. One winner hails from Texas, one from Puerto Rico and one from North Carolina. The North Carolina winner is a 26 year old single mother with four children named Marie Holmes. Her job history includes Walmart, McDonalds, Food Lion, Subway and KFC.

Ms. Holmes can kiss those low paying jobs goodbye now thanks to the lottery!

The Puerto Rico winner is anonymous and the third winning ticket was claimed by a trust in Texas, so we don't know who the actual winner might be for this one, either. But you can bet that all of these lucky players are glad they bought tickets for that huge jackpot!

A winning ticket was sold in New York for the March 14th, 2015 drawing and a jackpot worth $136 million. To date, nobody has come forward to claim this amazing lottery jackpot. Millions of lottery tickets go unclaimed every year. Hopefully this won't be one of them!

The March 21st, 2015 draw with a jackpot of $50 million produced one winner. Michael Duncan from Knox County Tennessee was the lucky player whose ticket matched all 6 numbers to hit the jackpot. When interviewed, Mr. Duncan said he stopped in a convenience store to buy a soft drink and decided to buy a lottery ticket on a whim, even though he hadn't purchased one for two years. Guess he's glad he had that lucky impulse!

On March 25th, 2015, the Powerball jackpot was worth $40 million and there was one winning ticket sold in New Jersey. The winner hasn't come forward yet to claim this fortune.

April11th, 2015, the jackpot was worth a cool $80 million to some lucky player. One winning ticket sold in Florida matched all the numbers to hit this spectacular jackpot, but the winner hasn't stepped forward to claim the prize as yet.

2014 Powerball Lottery Winners

2014 had no shortage of lucky Powerball Lottery players who became overnight millionaires from a winning ticket, either. Let's take a peek at a few of those.

Lisa_Quam_90mln_powerball_winnerThe November 29th, 2014 draw produced one winner for its big $90 million jackpot. An Auburn, Washington woman, Lisa Quam, bought two Powerball tickets on Thanksgiving Day when she ran to the local grocery store to pick up pumpkin pie spice. Bet she's glad she ran out of spices!

On November 8th, 2014, the jackpot was a big $202.6 million. One lucky player scooped up the whole amount with a single ticket. Marilyn Bolden of Missouri was the winner of this jackpot.

Vinh Nguyen, a nail technician from San Mateo, California, hit the jackpot when he discovered he held the winning ticket for a $228.4 Powerball top prize from the drawing held on September 24th, 2014. Mr. Nguyen declined interviews, but did say that he just wanted to be a "normal man." He can do that. He'll just be a normal man who is a multi-millionaire from playing the lottery!

Just think how buying a winning Powerball Lottery ticket made such a difference in the lives of these oh-so-lucky players!

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