New York Lottery

New York LotteryNew York Lotto is a popular New York Lottery draw game.

This is a pick-6-of-59 game that is drawn on Wednesdays and Saturdays nights. You will receive a prize if you match 3, 4, 5 or 6 numbers.

If you would like to play New York Lotto and don't live there, you can buy tickets online.

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Among the recent lottery winners is a forty-six-year-old John Wells of Wappingers Falls, NY, who matched all six winning numbers of 16 – 20 – 25 – 36 – 46 and 54 during the draw on December 10, 2008, and won a $4,000,000 lotto jackpot.

Another recent lottery winning of $7,000,000 was awarded to the Found Treasures Gang, a group of 10 colleagues from Chemung and Steuben counties whose Quick Pick Lotto numbers matched six winning numbers of 31 - 36 - 38 - 41 - 44 and 48 drawn on December 3, 2008, Lotto drawing.

How to Play NY Lotto?

Playing New York Lottery is very simple and easy. Buy a lottery ticket from a retailer or Play online and enter  six different numbers from 1 to 59.

Then select a wager amount. The minimum wager is $1 for 2 game panels. You can wager up to $5 on the 10-playcard. You may also choose to have your numbers generated randomly by the computer. This is called a Quick Pick.

Make sure you keep your ticket in a secure, dry place and don't forget to check it after the drawing to see if you are a winner.

A single ball machine is used for the lottery draw with balls ranging from 1 to 59. Players win by matching three, four, five, or, for the jackpot, all six numbers. The top prize normally starts at $3 million and increases every time when a jackpot was not taken. You may choose to receive your top prize either in 26 annual payments or around a half of the advertised jackpot paid immediately in cash.

If you don't hit the top prize, not to worry, you can still win a smaller prize. If you match 3, 4 or 5 numbers, you win multiple-tier prizes. Smaller prizes are paid out in cash straightaway.

Interested in the odds?

New York Lottery Payouts and Odds




Grand Prize

1 in 45,057,474



 1 in 7,509,579


1 in 144,415


1 in 2,179


1 in 96

* Prize amounts will vary depending on sales levels and number of winners.

If a jackpot is not won in a draw, top prize is carried forward to be added to the next New York Lottery Jackpot. Unlike other American lotteries, if there are no second prize winners, it will also be carried forward to be added to the second prize of next draw.

Prizes are to be claimed within one year of the draw date.

How Much Do You Win

40% of sales are allocated as prize money. First prize is the largest one, accounting for 75% of the whole prize share while the second one has a share of 7.25%, followed by a third prize of 5.5%. Fourth prize takes 6.25% while the final fifth one has a share of 6%.

  • If your 6 numbers match the winning Lotto numbers drawn, you will win or share the First Prize
  • Matching 5 winning numbers plus the bonus will grant you the Second Prize*
  • By matching 5 winning numbers you will  be awarded with the Third Prize
  • Matching 4 winning numbers will bring you the Fourth Prize
  • Match only 3 winning numbers and you will get the Fifth Prize

People from all around the world can play the New York Lotto by buying tickets online, so get started today and you might be the next big jackpot winner!

History of New York Lottery

New York Lottery is one of the oldest and most popular American lotteries. Initially applied for public and commercial needs, proceeds of New York lottery sales were used to cover roads and bridges construction, develop manufacturing industries and build churches.

Following a referendum held in 1966, New Yorkers authorised a state-run lottery with funds applied to support local education. New York Lottery, established in 1967, created hundreds of winners and generated over $34 billion to support local education.

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