How to Buy California Super Lotto Tickets Online

California Super Lotto PlusCurrent Jackpot: $14,000,000

Playing the lottery is fun and exciting and the California Lottery is one of the most popular lotto games in the country---even in the world!

For many people, winning the lottery offers the only way to get rich quick and is well worth spending a dollar or two for a chance to hit a big jackpot.

The California Lottery was begun in November of 1984 with the passing of Proposition 37, the California State Lottery Act. Since that time, it has had many happy winners!

This lottery offers a variety of games, including draws and scratch-off tickets. The SuperLotto Plus, for instance, is a perennial favorite with players from all around the globe.

What Happens to Money Made From the California Lottery?

The California State Lottery Act provides that a minimum of 34% of revenues collected from the lottery be spent on funding public education. Billions of dollars have found their way into the state's public school systems to help supplement funding and make additional and much-needed educational resources available.

The California State Lottery Act also specifies that not less than 50% of lottery revenue be returned to the public in the form of lottery prizes. The remainder of the revenue from the California Lottery is allocated this way: A maximum of 16 percent spent on administrative expenses of operating the lottery, with 6.9 percent on retailer commissions and bonuses, 3.4 percent for operating expenses and 2.9 percent for game costs.

How long do you have to claim your winnings?

You must claim your prize within 180 days of the draw or the announced, official end of the game. If the 180th day should fall on a weekend or a state holiday, then the final claim date is extended to the next business day.

How to Buy California Lottery Tickets

Lottery tickets may be purchased at any of the 21,000 plus retailer locations throughout the state, or you can purchase tickets online.

The internet has made it possible to get your name in the hat with chances towin some of the fabulous prizes in the California Lottery without ever even leaving home! You can play the California Lottery online and the site will send an agent to purchase the tickets of your choice. These tickets will be kept in a secure place until the drawing. Most sites notify winners right after the draw.

As with almost anything else in the world, there can be scammers. So choose a reputable website if you want to buy lottery tickets online. Play smart and enjoy the game.

So what are you waiting for? Get online and buy a ticket for California Lottery!

Who knows? Your name might soon be in the headlines as the next big winner of the California Lottery!