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Barrie Edwards of Pennsylvania Shares His $42.5m Powerball Jackpot With Family Members

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Which one of us has not dreamt to win cash at least once in his life? And so did Barrie Edwards of Willow Street. Together with his wife Jean he purchased lottery tickets for years until the lucky day of August the 2nd, 2008, when he finally became a Powerball jackpot main winner. The Powerball ticket earned him over $42.5 million cash. The couple’s jackpot-winning ticket matched all five white balls as well as the red Powerball.

That very night on Saturday Barrie was watching the Powerball drawing on TV to realise in several minutes that his family has become rich. He ran to share this fabulous news with Jean, his wife, first and then called his other relatives to tell of the win.

Although an annuity value of jackpot was $86.3 million the couple has elected to take the one time lump-sum cash option of $42.5 million.    

Ages ago when speaking of the possible win the couple decided in between themselves that should they win they would share their prize with their relatives. Barry kept the word and announced sharing their fortune with other fourteen relatives all of whom reside in Lancaster County.

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