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A Powerball Ticket Brings a Fellow From Oklahoma a $40,000 Payday

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Once there was the story of a man called Santiago who prayed to win a lottery every day. “Estimado Dios”, - he addressed God in Spanish, - “could you please let me win a lottery just once”. He died without winning a single prize. When he saw God on the other side of the Universe Santiago asked Him why He didn’t let him win a lottery only once. While God responded: ”You should have bought a lottery ticket at least once”.

Unlike Santiago, Eusebio Covarrubias Perez of Stillwater, Oklahoma,was playing Powerball lottery a few times a week for many years. However, he could not believe his ears when the store owner where he bought the ticket told him that he was a big winner. His winning Powerball ticket earned him $40,000 in one night. You never know when your luck may come.

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