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Powerball winner Plans on sharing her $771,194 with Family!

Powerball winner Plans on sharing her $771,194 with Family!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Shiran Arnaldes, 22 has some very selfless plans in how she’ll be spending her Powerball prize. Her ticket was purchased in the City of Commerce, matching up 5 of the 6 numbers: 62, 52, 13, 12, 44, just missing the number 6.

The Calabasas woman, says she couldn’t imagine keeping all the cash to herself, especially taking into account where the ticket came from in the first place. Arnaldes, and her dad, Eli Arnaldes stopped off at a gas station, located at 6150 East Telegraph road to purchase a few tickets. Her dad has been playing for many years, always buying lottery tickets and sharing them out with his family. His tickets are the numbers he has chosen, however the kids usually get Quick Picks.

Arnaldes, now plans to share out the $771,194 cash prize with everyone, the family would like to go on vacation to somewhere like Bora Bora or Hawaii but at the moment they’re still undecided!


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