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Impatient Player Wins $1,000,000!

Impatient Player Wins $1,000,000!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

California Lottery:

Kenneth Baguio, who’s been playing the lottery since he was 18, has finally hit his fair share of luck with a $1,000,000 prize with the California lottery!

In his lifetime he’s won quite a few prizes ranging from $100 to $500, however on this occasion his scratcher’s ticket was worth significantly more.  He purchased a $10 Silver & Gold Scratchers ticket, at the Lucky store which can be found at 3443 Castro Valley Boulevard in Castro Valley. Baguio is known for being very impatient with his scratcher’s tickets, often opening them in the car before he even gets home. This occasion was no different, he saw the word “Win”, and carried on scratching to unveil all the 000’s on the end of his ticket, he’d won the top prize.

The retailer of the store will receive a financial incentive of $5,000 for selling the ticket. He is very happy and has made plans to finish paying off his house, and go on vacation with his family. He said “Thank you, I am so grateful, it takes the stress off us after a rough year”. Enter the California lottery for a chance to win now!


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