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Florida Couple claim share of $1.6 billion Jackpot!

Florida Couple claim share of $1.6 billion Jackpot!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Maureen Smith, 70 and David Kaltschmidt, 55 are the second announced winners of the historical Powerball draw worth $1.6 billion.

They kept their winning a secret for quite some time, from friends, family and co-workers as this was such “scary and unknown” situation for them to be in. However since claiming their prize money through a trust, the couple have revealed their identities in a press conference.

The married couple are from Melbourne Beach, Florida, where they have lived since 1991. They’ve decided to cash out a lump sum of $327,835,077.79, instead of regular instalments due to Maureen’s age.

The numbers of the Powerball draw were 4, 8,19,27,34 and Powerball number 10 and the ticket was purchased at 3830 Highway A1A, Melbourne Beach.

David, who worked in designing planes has now decided to retire and purchase a car before focusing on investments, helping charities and organising tax strategies. Whilst Maureen would like a massage for now, and later help some special people in her life. They haven’t revealed any information on children, as they are looking out for their personal privacy and security.

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