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Pizza Delivery Driver Wins of 1.2 Million!

Pizza Delivery Driver Wins of 1.2 Million!

Monday, February 15, 2016

California Lottery:

Joseph Carrillo, 31 has won his share of luck after a life-changing tip from his Pizza Hut co-worker!

After watching his friend winning $100 scratcher tickets, time and time again he asked him how he did it! After receiving advice on “how to spot winning tickets” Carrillo purchased 3 tickets that were $2 each for the Life scratchers at the Paradise Express Liquor & Market on his day off. On the last ticket, spotted the word “LIFE” and realised he had hit the $1.2 Million dollar jackpot!

He stated “I’m tickled, I’m flabbergasted, I’m waiting for my heart to explode, I’m waiting to go to sleep and never wake again” the odds, which were one in 6 million, were clearly in his favour!  This one ticket, changed things completely, the winnings took away his worry of the doubt he was in, and he no longer needed to look at moving into a smaller, cheaper accommodation.

The day he’d won the prize, he was left with $100 he’d earned in tips as a pizza delivery driver. Now he’ll be collecting a lump sum of $696,000, which he’ll partially be spending on a vacation. The lottery retailer itself with also receive a bonus of $6,000 for selling the ticket.

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