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Jackpot prize at record $1.3 BILLION now!

Jackpot prize at record $1.3 BILLION now!

Saturday, January 9, 2016


The excited grows amongst a large proportion of Americans tonight as the Powerball lottery jackpot has been bumped up once again to a staggering figure of $1,300,000,000! This figure is now not only the largest jackpot America has seen, but the whole world has never experienced the possibility of a prize this large.

This build-up stemmed from a reasonable $40 million jackpot originally, in November however after 18 drawings without a winner the jackpot soared week after week. The jackpot was raised from $675 million, to $700 million, another 24 hours, $800 million and now here we are, the anticipation is unbearable to see what the overall jackpot will be.

The winner of this draw could have their $2 investment turned into a billion. It’s a possibility. The positivity brought with this event, is all the financial benefits towards all the educational programs ran by the lottery. Powerball’s prize has two options, it can either be claimed for the full sum paid equally over 30 payments or instead as a lump sum of an estimated $806 million.

There’s often a misconception that Spain’s “El Gordo” holds the largest jackpot, however this is incorrect as the game is more of a raffle, than a lottery game as the cash is spread of thousands of people rather than one particular individual. Enter for a chance to win, may the odds be in your favour.


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