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$1,000,000 Winner in a Raffle Game!

$1,000,000 Winner in a Raffle Game!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Idaho’s Lottery:

Jacob Christopherson, Idaho has described his big win, as a “freak out” moment. He has been purchasing raffle tickets in hope of getting one of the $1,000 prizes, however he had no idea of the instant win made available by Idaho’s lottery which gave out a prize once every 25,000 tickets bought.

He called the particular ticket, a very “random” purchase which he didn’t expect to win anything significant from. The ticket, however gave Christopherson the top prize in Idaho’s raffle game, worth $1,000,000, the 9th largest prize in the game’s history.

Upon winning, Christopherson rang him mom, his girlfriend and is shaking to this very moment, His ticket number was 087162 and was purchased at Maverik at Locust Grove and McMillan in Meridian. He plans or investing a large proportion of the sum of money and additionally some to pursue his love for playing golf.

$1 million dollar Win For Small Town in San Bernardino!

Thomas Alten is a very lucky man, having won a whopping $1 million from his $10 Silver & Gold Scratchers ticket.

Alten comes from a very little town called Phelan, which was created after settlers passed through the area on their journey towards their destination of San Bernardino.

Ironically, the ticket was sold at a market called Phelan Market, located at 4646 Phelan road, where the retailer will be looking to receive a small bonus of $5,000 for selling the ticket itself. Discovering his win, Alten was unable to sleep for 2 days in expectancy of collecting his prize at the California Lottery district office!

The winnings are going to be split, $500,000 put away in the bank and he’s going to play around with the rest, making retirement a much more relaxed prospect alongside this. “It’s the icing on the cake”.

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