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African Migrants Win 400,000 Euros!

African Migrants Win 400,000 Euros!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Spanish Christmas Lottery:

Around 35 African Migrants, one rescued at sea are amongst the top winners of Spain’s Christmas Lottery. The lottery sold over 1,000 tickets which cashed in at $438,000/400,000 euros.

The winners included those originating from Mali, Morocco and Senegal. It was the Senegalese man, Ngame who was rescued back in 2007 due to being in an overcrowded boat by a Spanish coast guard. Upon winning, Ngame was unable to withhold the rush of emotion, he began to cry and thanked Spain for saving him and his wife.

The tickets were purchased in the city of Roquetas de Mar, where the unemployment rate is 31%, compared to the already high 21% Spanish average. Migrants come in, working as fruit and vegetable labourers and Ngame says it’s a difficult life. He has not yet decided how his winnings will be used.

This lottery: El Gordo is the world’s richest, almost everyone takes part as there are 24 million prizes all in all with a population of 47 million. The tradition for winners is to open bottles of sparkling wine in street fiestas outside the lottery agencies. Everyone unites in these celebrations.

Wife wins $1 Million Scratchers® Prize with California Lottery!

Marie Duran, Chatsworth (Los Angeles County) has landed her fair share of luck with a $1 Million Scratchers Prize. Whilst not feeling great, her husband went out to pick her up some tickets in hope of raising her spirit.

Duran was in the middle of watching NCIS when she went to check the ticket, at first glance she thought she’d won $1,000, however when the couple double checked they realized the actual monumental amount was $1,000,000 instead!

Mrs and Mr. Duran plan on spending the cash prize on their children and additionally put the majority away for retirement. The ticket was bought at Dorose Liquors, who will also be looking to receive a retailer bonus of $5,000 for the selling of it.


Nieves Rodriguez Barbon, 66 has been announced as the new winner in the Florida Lottery’s, $2,500 a week for life scratch off game. Barbon has decided to receive her winnings as a one-off, lump sum of $2,079,275. 90.

The ticket was purchased at Winn-Dixie in Miami. The overall odds in this lottery game are one in 3.96.

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