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Identities of $50 million winners finally revealed after 2-year fight to stay anonymous

Identities of $50 million winners finally revealed after 2-year fight to stay anonymous

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Canada Lotto Max:

Friedrich Mayrhofer, 67, his wife Annand and their son Eric have finally been announced as the winners of a $50 million Canada Lotto Max ticket after a long fight in the process of attempting to keep their identities undisclosed.

The winning numbers were 3, 4, 5, 7, 31, 33 and 40. The ticket was sold back in 2014, however it took a very long time for them to come forward as they were unsure of what to do with all that money and didn’t want any fame to come with it.

The review of this winning also took so long due to the fact that Mayrhofer’s lawyer submitted the claim, which had been signed through a trust beforehand, however the Inter-provincial lottery corporation announced that a lottery prize could only be claimed by an individual, or a multiple set of individuals (a group).

This is not the first time Mayrhofer has won, he has won on two other occasions’ prizes worth $3,000 and $1,000 respectively, however this multi-million winning he did not expect. The family have gathered a group of investors to inject their money into several places, along with planning to update their home and possibly take a vacation.

North State Couple Claims $1 Million California Lottery Prize:

Lonnie and Ashley Brookshire have just receive their personal touch of luck with a $1 million prize from their $10 Silver & Gold Scratchers ticket.

However, this story has a lot more meaning than what appears on the surface. Lonnie had been battling stage three testicular cancer for quite some time, constantly travelling for treatments which had a strain on the whole family. Finally, he started to recover and the prize came with this! The change in health was seen as an amazing gift and they say the prize, “completely changes their lives”.

They plan on using the money to purchase a home for themselves and saving some of the winnings for their children. They now have a very positive outlook on what 2016 is going to bring them!

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