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$42 million NY Lottery winner joins circle of friends who are also winners!

$42 million NY Lottery winner joins circle of friends who are also winners!

Monday, November 23, 2015

NY Lottery:

Richard Loveless, 64 was left stunned after realising he was the winner of the $42.5 million jackpot on the 18th of October!

A normal trip to the convenience store ended with him realising he had matched up all the numbers of: 1, 9,11,16,19 and 22. He ran into his bedroom and announced his winning the lottery to his wife, Sandy who was very surprised at this announcement and started screaming.

All in all after taxes the winnings will be worth over 19.5 million, Loveless says his numbers were a mixture of mostly anniversaries and birthdays. The interesting thing about this man, is he is not the first to win from his group of friends, in the past his childhood best friend, another friend and a trio of workers at a plant where he previously worked have all hit the jackpot with prizes ranging from $2.8 million to $26 million.

Loveless plans on using the money to pay of his mortgage, his daughters student loans and finish work on his garage; however, other than that he hasn’t thought about where else the money will go. What he does know is his wealth won’t change who he is. “I want to stay the way I am, I’m a blue-collar winner and I want to die that way”

Grandmother wins another $1 million lottery prize!

Constance Carpenito is a very, very lucky grandmother, having won the lottery not once, but three times now!

Almost 20 years ago purchasing a $5 ticket landed her a $1 million prize, not only this but just 6 weeks before she’d won a $20,000 prize. Fast forward to now, visiting her favourite Massachusetts grocery store she’s struck rich once again with the $10,000,000 Diamond Millionaire scratch card, which has the option of $1 million pay-outs.

She’s opted to receive her winning as a one off lump sum of $650,000. The lottery retailer will also be receiving a $10,000 payment just for the sale of the ticket. Carpenito says ever since she won all those years back, playing weekly has really paid off, she’s a very lucky lady. She says her prize will ensure her 3 children and 5 grandchildren have a very special Christmas, she’s making sure of that!

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