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Group of 15 Maintenance Workers win $7 Million

Group of 15 Maintenance Workers win $7 Million

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

California Lottery:

The determination of fifteen employees from Los Angeles has finally paid off after winning $7 million from a SuperLotto Plus ticket, matching all 6 numbers: 11, 13, 25, 30, 43 and Mega Number 4!

For the past three years they’ve been putting their money together twice a week in hope of hitting the jackpot. They were alerted by the retailer of the shop they always go to, he’d found out he was the one who’d sold the winning ticket so he told them it would be a good idea for them to check seeing as they were the ones always purchasing at his shop.

Checking the numbers from the California Lottery, they realised they’d definitely won, they had members of their group who were over 60 running around like they were still 12! “Words cannot explain the adrenaline” one member claimed. For each of them that’s a good $300,000 before taxes, it means a lot when some don’t yet own houses, some money will be put towards that as well as being invested towards family and kids. Arriving at the Lottery District Office they had other winners rubbing shoulders with them, in hope of getting some of that “luck” for themselves!

Mega Millions: Five friends hit jackpot after a decade of buying tickets together:

After a decade of pooling in their money, a group of five friends form Yonkers have won the $106 million MegaMillions jackpot. For Edgar Lopez, 52 it was his turn to pick up the tickets from Yonkers Grocery and Convenience when he realised his quick pick ticket had made them all millionaires!

The news was announced over the weekend, it was said to be an amazing thing to happen to them after working hard all of their lives. The daily jobs of the group ranged from a limo driver, a housekeeper to a business owner and a daycare teacher, they’ll be receiving roughly $13.1 million each before taxes after matching all 6 numbers: 5, 11, 31, 50, 67 and Mega Ball number 14. Money certainly won’t be an issue for these friends anymore!

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