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A Touch of Luck for 57-year-old Pat Tucker

A Touch of Luck for 57-year-old Pat Tucker

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Playing Mega Millions has always been a weekly routine for 57-year-old Pat Tucker of Los Angeles County. A strong game supporter, he would even do it twice a week to improve his chances. However, without much success he just had to keep trying and keep reminding himself that there will be a day…  And that was the case until one day when a stroke of good luck finally did hit him.

With his money ready to pay for his tickets he did order his usual- two Mega Millions tickets at 7-Eleven store located in Burbank near Los Angeles. Quite unexpectedly, though, a man at the till made a mistake that suddenly made him rich. Instead of issuing 2 Mega Millions tickets the clerk gave him one Powerball ticket for $2. Surprised but not defeated, Tucker was determined to carry on with whatever fate dropped at his feet.

It was only later that he discovered that he actually did the right thing. Now a winner of $380,774 he wants to pay off the remainder of his mortgage. However, quite content with his life the way it is, he is determined to keep things pretty much the same, only altering a few bits and bobs to make everything a bit  simpler.

Now when he recalls his feelings on his winning day, Tucker says that the whole top-scoring thing did feel unreal once he heard about it. However, with the winning numbers 30, 32, 42, 56 and 57 on October 21st Powerball draw he did hit the big one; he actually matched five out of six winning numbers that day.

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