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Best Family Meeting for the winner of $500,000!

Best Family Meeting for the winner of $500,000!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

California Gold Rush Scratchers:

Family meetings are a very typical thing at the Buencilla home in the San Fernando Valley, however walking away with the top prize of $500,000 is mostly certainly not.

The family has won small amounts of $15, $18 on several occasions and whilst Buencilla said he’d always had a feeling that his household would win something, he was not expecting his $5 investment to land him a half a million dollar prize!

Everyone was quite apprehensive at being called to a family meeting so late at night, one family member even joked saying “what on earth could be so important, have you won the lotto or something”, in fact, yes, he did, he pulled out his California Gold Rush Scratchers ticket before proceeding to plan what they are going to spend their winnings on, they want to pay towards the mortgage on their house to lessen the payments, put some in savings and members of the family will also receive a share.

That’s the best family meeting it turns out, everyone is happy!

An Indoor slide, a Popcorn Machine and Disneyland for Lotto Winners!

A couple with a young family have been declared the winners of the lotto jackpot prize of $8.4 million after purchasing a $40 quick pick play valid for 8 draws.

Whilst choosing to remain private they describe themselves as “an ordinary working couple who rent their home and now will take the opportunity to purchase their dream house!” Upon hearing a radio announcement about a winning lottery pool, the husband put his ticket through a ticket checker where he was told to contact the national lottery offices. With this in mind, he also entered his numbers into a web checker where fireworks set off, however the man was still left in disbelief. He and his wife has feeling something big was going to happen so the next evening they went out to celebrate with ice-cream, brownies, crème brulee and many other desserts!

So what do they plan on spending their winnings on? On themselves things include: a trip to Disneyland, a cruise in Jamaica, a popcorn maker, an indoor slide, a new car, their dream house AND screens for a home cinema. Not only this but they plan on spending a significant proportion of this money on charitable things such as donating to animal charities and looking after family and friends.

They sure are a very creative family, the luck has served them well!

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