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Fresno Man Wins top prize $6.5 Million with California lottery!

Fresno Man Wins top prize $6.5 Million with California lottery!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

California Lottery

Xue Lee, from Fresno has been declared the lucky winner of $6.5 million from a $10 California lucky life ticket. He will be receiving this as a one off lump sum of $3.75 million!

However this winning wasn’t as simple as checking his ticket to realise he had won. Lee almost made one of the costliest mistakes of his life; when receiving an email from the California lottery in regards to his second chance account, he deleted it assuming it was irrelevant spam.

Thankfully, as days went by, the email didn’t leave his mind. Consequently, just to make sure, he logged on to his second chance account to realize he had been drawn to win the end of game top prize!

He now plans on splitting the money for various different things, investments, a new house and perhaps a holiday to Hawaii with his girlfriend!

$750,000 winner proves himself to be a lucky charm!

When you think about one word which describes winners of the lottery, the word “lucky” usually springs to mind. However, when it comes to  Brandon Parker, 23 when he was announced as the winner of $750,000 on the new California Lottery 30th anniversary scratchers ticket, his family said “you say ‘lucky’, I say ‘we’re blessed,”.

The meaning behind this runs back to over 23 years ago when Brandon’s mother, Deborah was pregnant with him, she won a $20,000 car over a radio promotion. She was told her son was a lucky charm.

While this seems like an off-hand statement, fast forward to now, Brandon purchased a lottery ticket after watching the man in front of him purchase four tickets and scratching them to find none were big winners. He concluded that even without winning, he’d at least get his money back with his fifth ticket.

The number that matched one of the winning numbers on the scratch card was 26, his mother’s birthday and with that came his $750,000. It’s not enough for him to quit his job, however he’s definitely financially comfortable and he will be saving most for the future!


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