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$310M Powerball jackpot won at the McDonalds drive thru!

$310M Powerball jackpot won at the McDonalds drive thru!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

$310M Powerball jackpot win at the McDonalds drive thru!

Julie Leach, 50, from Michigan discovered she was the winner of the $310 Powerball jackpot whilst sitting at a McDonald’s drive-thru on her lunch break.

The winning numbers were 21, 39, 40, 55, and 59, and lastly the Powerball number 17. She checked her numbers after a really bad day at work and chose the option of collecting her winnings as a lump sum of $197.4 million, that’s $140 million after taxes.

After working at a fiberglass company for 23 years the first thing she did was quit her job, after verifying she had actually won with the help of her co-workers. She stated that “she was done”, didn’t sleep for over 30 hours afterwards. I guess, that day didn’t end badly for her after all.

Group of 12 co-workers win $60M Lotto Max jackpot.

A group of co-workers who have been playing the lottery for eight years have struck luck after discovering they were the big winners of the $60 million jackpot.

Dennis Cartier was picking up a burrito for lunch when he checked the ticket at a nearby gas station. He went into work the following Monday to announce to his colleagues perhaps they’d played enough of the lottery now and should move on, before proceeding to hand out prize forms with the ticket attached.

Everyone was shocked, and there was a lot of excitement going around. It was pretty hard for that to sink in, that’s $5 million for each of them.

Yet they don’t plan on retiring and plan on spending the cash on travel and experience for the major part!

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