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Psychic predicts Calif. man’s $1 million Powerball win

Psychic predicts Calif. man’s $1 million Powerball win

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Psychic predicts Calif. man's $1 million Powerball win

A man from West Hollywood, California who recently won $1 million playing Powerball stated that he might not have purchased the ticket had it not been for an encounter with an online psychic. Kevin Millard matched five out of six numbers in the Powerball draw on Sept. 19, winning a total prize of $1,009,368. Although he regularly played the lottery at one time, Millard had recently scaled back. He explained, however, that his intuition to buy the tickets was ultimately the consequence of interacting with an online psychic. 

Millard chose to abandon her once his free-trial ran out. "I said, 'Forget it. You just want money now,'" Millard recalled to lottery officials. "She would hit me periodically with messages saying 'Your money's coming. This year is a change for you.'"

While mulling over the decision to buy tickets for last weekend's game, he said the psychic's messages flashed through his mind. "I thought, 'I gotta play a lottery ticket. Maybe she's right,'". He ended up buying 10 Powerball tickets. One of the tickets matched five numbers, missing only the Powerball. Millard's run-in with a psychic might have led him to this point, but he's going to trust his own judgment when it comes to his winnings.

Brothers win lottery after listening to mom's advice

Two brothers, from Ohio who just hit the lotto jackpot have their mother to thank for their winnings.

Jay Young and Christopher Saddler took part in the Ohio Lottery's Pick 5 last Friday, using the numbers their mother, Betty Burton, suggested. As usual, mother knew best. Each brother won $25,000 — $17,750 after taxes.

Ohio Lottery officials said that Young and Saddler often rent and flip properties and plan on using most of the money for a new investment. Still, the brothers were adamant that they will be using some of their newfound fortune to treat their mom, too, "She's the lucky charm." Young said.

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