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$17,000,000 Mega Millions Jackpot Shared Between a Couple From NY and Player From Illinois

Friday, August 1, 2008

Following the Mega Millions multi-state drawing held on May 23, 2008 Hoppers of Tompkins Cove, Rockland County, have received their 50% share of a $17,000,000 jackpot. Another share was claimed by Terry Hackman of Franklin Grove, IL

A retired truck driver, Hopper bought a winning ticket in May 2008 in New Windsor and used the lucky combination of 4 - 8 – 11 – 22 – 30 to add two cheques valued at $2,588,307 each less required tax withholdings to the family budget shortly afterwards.
Having successfully guessed the numbers from a different Lottery scratch-off game some time before the Mega Millions May draw, Hopper decided to try his luck and use the same numbers once again. He also relied on random luck to help him choose his other numbers.
Although the annuitized jackpot totaled $8,500,000, Hoppers opted for a lump sum each claiming half of the prize. Diminished by the corresponding tax withholdings their individual net cheques summed up at $1,763,931. The couple called to claim their prize in late June 2008.
The New Windsor store received a $10,000 cash bonus for selling the winning ticket.

The new millionaires plan to use part of the prize to buy a new house and to go on holidays.

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