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Cereal Plant workers Claim $241 Million Powerball Jackpot!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Cereal Plant Workers imagePowerball:

A group of 20 co-workers from the shipping department at a Cedar Rapids cereal plant are the happy winners of a $241 million Powerball jackpot, the largest lottery prize won to date in the state of Iowa.

The group, which has formed a trust called “The Shipping 20“ has chosen to receive the jackpot as the lump-sum option of $160.3 million.

Congrats to these extremely lucky players!

Florida Lottery:

Richard Kennedy, of Lady Lake, has claimed the $4 million FLORIDA LOTTO jackpot from the drawing held on May 23rd.

Another lucky Florida player, Cecilia Yusko, 50, of West Palm Beach, has claimed a $3 million prize in the GOLD RUSH TRIPLER Scratch-Off game!

A big shout of congratulations for these winners!

California Lottery:

Jose Sandoval of San Joaquin County is the winner of a fantastic California Lottery Black Scratchers ticket worth $250,000!

Ida Lam was another big winner in the California Lottery’s Black Scratchers® game, as well, with a $250,000 prize!

Mega Millions:

Five lucky players from across the nation matched 5 of the 6 white balls in the June 22nd drawing and pocketed $250,000 each!

In addition to that thirty-eight lucky players from across the nation matched 4 of the 6 white balls and won a nice $10,000 each.

Many congrats to all of these lucky players in their Mega Millions winnings!

The Mega Millions jackpot has reached a nice $65 million. The next drawing will be held on June 26th, 2012.

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