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Oregon Woman Strikes Gold: Unchecked Lottery Ticket Wins $1 Million!

Oregon Woman Strikes Gold: Unchecked Lottery Ticket Wins $1 Million!

Tuesday, April 30, 2024

In a stroke of luck powered by the recent Powerball buzz, an Oregon woman discovered a $1 million surprise among her unchecked lottery tickets. Leslie Carr, 52, from Portland, almost missed out on her windfall, only prompted to sift through her stash of lottery tickets by the news of a billion-dollar Powerball winner.

Carr, who habitually buys her tickets at Fred Meyer on SE 82nd Avenue in Happy Valley, had amassed a Tupperware container full of unexamined tickets. Within this collection hid a golden ticket—an Oregon Lottery Raffle ticket worth a whopping $1 million.

"I had absolutely no clue I was sitting on a million until the Powerball news caught my attention. We never really check our tickets regularly," Carr admitted. At the store, the realization dawned on her as she scanned her tickets, with the raffle ticket being the last in her pile prompting a special message indicating a visit to the Oregon Lottery office was necessary.

Upon confirmation of her win, Carr was elated, knowing that the prize money would allow her to pay off her mortgage, purchase a new truck to replace her current one with a broken windshield, and plan a dream vacation to Hawaii.

Despite playing the annual Raffle regularly and never winning before, Carr's persistence paid off this time as she snagged the only $1 million top prize from a sold-out batch of 250,000 tickets, offering the best odds of any Oregon Lottery game at 1 in 250,000.

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