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Michigan Man Channels Movie Doppelgänger Vibes, Scoops Up $500K Lottery Win!

Michigan Man Channels Movie Doppelgänger Vibes, Scoops Up $500K Lottery Win!

Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Feeling lucky? Just ask a Michigan man who bagged $500,000 in the lottery, all thanks to his uncanny resemblance to a movie character who also hit the jackpot! FLINT, Mich. — Here’s a lottery winner’s tale with a cinematic twist! A 26-year-old man from Michigan turned a quirky movie moment into real-life fortune, nabbing half a million dollars after buying a lottery ticket because he looked just like the actor in the film. It's not every day you find your twin on the big screen, especially one who's feeling lucky in the lotto department. "I was watching this movie where the main guy wins big with a lottery ticket. And guess what? He looked just like me! So, I thought, why not?" the Genesee County local shared with the Michigan Lottery. This inspired him to swing by the E-Z Stop Food Mart on North Saginaw Street in Flint, where he snagged a $5 “Lucky No. 13” scratch-off ticket—the kind that could make you $500,000 richer. "Scratching the ticket with my buddies around, I could hardly believe it when I saw the winning amount. I had to double-check in the bathroom just to be sure it was real," he added, still in disbelief. After confirming his massive win, he immediately called his girlfriend to share the incredible news. This lucky guy plans to spoil his kids and whisk his family away on a dream vacation with the winnings. And guess what? There's still one more top prize out there in the “Lucky No. 13” game waiting to be claimed. So, who's feeling lucky now?

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