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British Columbia Lottery Makes Lifelong Friends Millionaires

British Columbia Lottery Makes Lifelong Friends Millionaires

Friday, August 30, 2019

How would it feel to check your lottery ticket while on a break at work and discover you have won not thousands of dollars, not even a million dollars, but $2 million?

If you said it would feel great, you would find that Susan Hook and Martha McCallum agree with you. The two women have maintained a friendship for more than 50 years and recently became millionaires thanks to a BC/49 lottery ticket they purchased together.

As McCallum explained, she was on her coffee break when she checked the ticket. Her first reaction was to question why the number had “all the zeros.” Of course, she told her friend about the win that changed their lives.

Hook had a special reason to remember the day in addition to the lottery win.

“It’s quite something to know we became millionaires on the anniversary of my husband’s passing. I dread the day every year.” She added that, even though she’s not a drinker, she told McCallum she “needed a glass of wine. We cried together.”

The friends, both widows, said the lottery win came at a time that is usually difficult. Matching all six numbers on the August 17 draw definitely lifted their spirits.

Their future includes making lifelong travel dreams come true. Hook and McCallum plan to continue living together and enjoying their lives, which will now be “comfortable, but not flashy.”

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