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Two friends Split a Million!

Two friends Split a Million!

Saturday, July 6, 2019

You might have a difficult time convincing these two Michigan friends to adopt the attitude many people have about buying lottery tickets. You see, some individuals give up completely and don’t buy tickets because they believe the odds of winning are just not that good. Sometimes it seems frustration is the only result when playing the lottery. Two friends in Michigan proved this wrong, at least for them. They made the decision to share the cost of a lottery ticket, hoping it would improve their chances of winning. As it turns out, they were correct. Dillan Dybilas, 20, who is from Ubly, and Robert Sopsich, 30, from Hartland, bought a $20 Millionaire Maker ticket together, deciding they would split the amount they won. In this case, sharing was exactly the right method. The two men split a $1 million prize, opting for the one-time, lump-sum payment of $634,000 instead of the annuity payments that would have given them the full amount. When they visited the lottery headquarters in Lansing, Michigan they each received approximately $317,000. This amount will be reduced by withholding taxes, according to information from the Michigan Lottery. Dybilas had a clue that the amount was large, because when he looked at his friend, “Robert’s mouth was handing wide open.” Dillan asked Sopisch “how much we’d won. He said $1 million. But, I had to look at the ticket to see for myself.” Sopisch described the feeling he had when he saw “1MIL” on the ticket. “It was like lightning going through me. We celebrated, because winning this much meant we were debt free.” For two Michigan winners, it’s always best to share.

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