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Man Lands 768.4M Powerball Lottery Prize!

Man Lands 768.4M Powerball Lottery Prize!

Friday, May 3, 2019

Manuel Franco, 24 from West Allis in Wisconsin has come forward to claim his outstanding lottery win of $768.4 million with Powerball. Franco, was kind enough to spend a significant portion of his time with reporters to go through all the details of the event. It all started at the end of March, when Franco was leaving work and decided to pop in to Speedway to purchase $10 worth of lottery tickets and even put all his eggs in one basket by buying only Powerball with all of them. The reason he bought lottery tickets in the first place was because he said that he just really felt lucky that day, so lucky that when buying the tickets, he winked at the camera in the store. The Speedway store is located in the Milwaukee suburb in New Berlin, a small city of around 40,000 people. What’s funny is, despite feeling very lucky that day, Franco did not check his tickets the night of the drawing, and went to work without checking. It wasn’t until he heard a buzz growing around someone from Wisconsin having won the jackpot, he became interested and decided to check the tickets that he and his girlfriend bought together...none of which were winners. He then grabbed the next lot of tickets, those he’d bought after work and discovered the third ticket was worth $4 for hitting the Powerball number. This got him excited for checking his last ticket, which he found was worth $768.4M! His reaction involved blood pumping and lots of heart racing and screaming for 10 minutes. Franco has decided to claim his winnings as a lump sum of $477M which will be worth around $326M after various taxation. The gas station will also receive $100,000 just for selling the winning ticket. The winning numbers were: 16, 20, 37, 44 and 62 as well as Powerball number 12. Franco will definitely be living life to the fullest from now on.

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