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Irish Man has Bank Card Declined just 72hrs Prior to $1M Win!

Irish Man has Bank Card Declined just 72hrs Prior to $1M Win!

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Odhrán Doherty, from Raphoe Co Donegal quite literally cried his eyes out after finding out that he’d won €1 million, which is equivalent to about $1.12 million. If it comes at a surprise to you that he cried, it shouldn’t because the win came shortly after the 23-year-old farmer had his bank card declined just a couple of hours prior to this life-changing event! Doherty recalled how he was out at a party when he tried to withdraw cash, but his card declined. Yet, 72 hours later would you believe it he won $1.12M through the Lotto Plus 1 draw on Saturday and went on to claim the winnings at the Lottery headquarters which are located on Abbey Street in Dublin, with his brother Shane right by his side. “I’m not going to let this go to my head, I have my family beside me and they will keep me right” he declared. He says that this big win is down to his father, who’d headed down to the shop for bread and milk, to discover the shop had neither so he purchased 3 lottery tickets instead, one for himself, his wife and his son. They did a random pick, with his wife choosing the middle ticket which ended up not being the winner, whilst Doherty (the son) chose the second ticket and soon realised he’d won. At first, he thought maybe it was a few thousand, but he would never have guessed it was a million. He has made plans to purchase a new tractor, a machine for the farm and donating money to his mum to use for a trip she’s making to New York soon. As for himself, he plans to go on several holidays – including a ski trip with friends. His sister says she is very happy for him, as he’s a young guy who’s never had money but has always had a relaxed approached to life so it won’t go to his head. Funnily, she did admit she was jealous that she wasn’t there for her Dad to have bought her a lottery ticket too.

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