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Siblings Win $2M Jackpot with Powerball!

Siblings Win $2M Jackpot with Powerball!

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Two siblings, who have opted to protect their identity are over the moon after finding out that they’ve been a $2,000,000 lottery prize with the Powerball Lottery! One of them lives in Johnson County, whilst the other lives outside there and they explained that they are not regular Powerball players, but when they saw the jackpot souring, they said not buying a Powerball ticket would have been a wasted opportunity. They ended up buying four tickets in total, with three being Quick Picks and the fourth ticket – they decided to choose the numbers to play themselves. They chose numbers using ages of different people in their family, and this fourth ticket ended up being the winner – matching five of the total six numbers! Now, normally this would mean the prize total would have been $1,000,000, however they also opted for a Power Play option which doubled their prize to $2M! The winning Powerball numbers were: 16, 20, 37, 44, 62 and Powerball number 12. The winning jackpot which was worth an overall $768.4M was won by someone in Wisconsin. The retailer of the $2M prize will also be receiving a bonus of $1,000 for selling the ticket, and that is the Murphy Express 8799 which is located on 22770 West 56th Street in Shawnee. I’m sure the siblings will be enjoying life a little more now with all that money.

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