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Melbourne Man Lands $46.6M with 2 Lottery Prizes in a Rows!

Melbourne Man Lands $46.6M with 2 Lottery Prizes in a Rows!

Monday, April 8, 2019

A man who has opted for anonymity, from Melbourne in Australia has come forward as the winner of not one, but TWO $23,000,000 lottery draws! The man from St. Albans can’t believe his persistence has finally paid off, as he explained that he has been playing the same lottery numbers for the past 3 decades... that’s right, 30 years of playing the same numbers over and over again. On this occasion, he purchased his first lottery entry from Footscray, and a second entry from St. Albans, however, he was under the impression that he’d bought tickets for two different lottery draws, when in fact both of his entries were for the same lottery division. The blue-collar worker, he was contacted numerous times to be told that he’d won double the prize amount, a sum of $46,600,000 but were unable to get through to him for a while. Eventually, he picked up after finishing work and about to check the lottery results online until he was told that he was a big winner. “You’re kidding... Am I seeing this?” he exclaimed and continued to discuss how he couldn’t believe it. The man says he’s not yet sure what he’s going to do with all that money, as there’s just so much to consider, however he did disclose that he’s considering retirement and possible purchasing a holiday or a new house, as well as sharing the money with his family. The man has been playing every Tuesday for three decades, meaning he’s probably spent a total sum of around $30,000 on lottery tickets, which I’m sure he doesn’t regret now after landing a whopping $46.6M prize with the Oz Lottery.

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