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$1.5 Billion Mega Millions Winner Finally Steps Forward to Claim Fortune!

$1.5 Billion Mega Millions Winner Finally Steps Forward to Claim Fortune!

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

 After lots of excitement, whispering and deliberation about the $1,500,000,000 Mega Millions draw – the official winner from South Carolina has stepped forward anonymously to claim her life’s fortune! This jackpot caused huge enthusiasm, and exhilaration across the country as millions waited eagerly for the winning numbers to be revealed as the prize amount was the biggest claimed by a single-winner. The winning numbers were: 5, 28, 62, 65 and 70, with a Mega Ball of 5. The winner from South Carolina told the story of how she was in Greenville running a few errands, when she decided to go for a drive through a beautiful route to relax and passed a KC Mart on the way where she saw signs notifying her of the huge jackpot which is what enticed her to go into the store located in Simpsonville, South Carolina to buy a ticket. The following morning, she checked her ticket as the drawing happened the night before and was in pure awe when she realised that all her numbers matched up. She says this event literally froze her, and she stood motionless just staring at the ticket before she came to her senses and started screaming with happiness as her life had changed forever. The lady explained that she has chosen to protect her identity for her own personal safety, so she can continue to live her life with a sense of security and a degree of normalness where she is not bombarded and approached by people on a daily basis. “The Southern Carolina Education Lottery Staff were extremely professional and dutiful through each phase of the claim process. Their handling of the extensive detail and challenges associated with the anonymity of the winner was exceptional and I am grateful for their efforts” she stated. The reason she took so long to come forward and claim the $1.5 Billion is because she was so careful about thinking every detail through prior to claiming the money, for example she hired a whole team of people who had prior experience in aiding lottery winners who’d won huge prizes to ensure that they managed their wealth in a smart way and made decisions right for them. One of the first things the lady has done is donate a portion of the money to various charities and organisations close to her heart, such as the Hurrican Florence Relief and the American Red Cross Alabama region as well as many others. She said she is very lucky to receive this fortune and understands her social responsibility to give back. What a lovely lady, I’m sure her future will be much brighter with so many choices open to her now as she is financially free.

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