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North Carolina Man Wins Second $1M Lottery Prize from Same Store!

North Carolina Man Wins Second $1M Lottery Prize from Same Store!

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Terry Splawn, from North Carolina has overcome unfathomable odds after winning a second $1,000,000 lottery prize, from the very same retailer in a little under 2 years. Splawn, won his first prize back in April 2017 with a Millionaire Bucks ticket which he bought from Sam’s Mini Stop. Fast forward to 2019 he went back to the same store which is located on Old Charlotte Road, in Concord and purchased a $150 Million Cash Explosion ticket, which is a scratch-off ticket and soon found out that he'd won $1,000,000 all over again. “I can’t believe I won the lottery not once, but twice!... I just thought, this can’t be happening”, it’s not impossible but it’s definitely a rare case of luck, said a UNC-Chapel Hill statistics professor, by the name of Jan Hannig as this occurrence beats odds of 1 in 1.8 million, and that’s just the odds for the lottery win that happened this year, let alone the combination of both the tickets together. On a security level, the Michigan Lottery explained that they have a dedicated security team in place whose role it is to look into all big winners, and verify whether further checks or investigation’s need to be carried out before they can receive their winnings. There are various factors which could lead to an investigation, for example if a ticket isn’t signed properly or the player is related to the retailer etc, then this could be seen as cause for concern. This is all done in good faith, to make sure that player’s claiming prizes are legitimate as it’s important for other lottery players to trust the lottery. Lucky for Splawn, he passes all these checks and was able to claim his prize – which he decided to claim as a lump sum of $600,000 rather than gradual payments of $50,000, this will be worth around $424,506 after taxes. Talking of the two prizes, he says that him and his wife spend their last prize on restructuring and designing the house, now the money from this second prize will be saved for a rainy day in the future.

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