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Park Ranger Lands $29.5 million with New Jersey Lottery in Perfect Timing!

Park Ranger Lands $29.5 million with New Jersey Lottery in Perfect Timing!

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Judith Smith, a park ranger from New Jersey who resides in New York has had the biggest surprise of her life, removing all her professional and personal worries after finding out that she has won a $29,500,000 lottery prize with the New Jersey Lottery! Smith, originally purchased her ticket, which was a Pick 6 ticket back in December from Eddy’s Wins and Liquors, which is located on Avenue C in Bayonne. William Smith, Judith’s son explained how it felt in that moment that he scratched the ticket, “When I read it the first time, you know, and then you’re like, wait a minute, this can’t be though” he thought to himself. William, then went on to check his conclusions about the winning ticket by scanning it, and what do you know... the scanner told him that he had to speak to the clerk to file a claim, which already gave away the fact that the prize was definitely over $500? The winnings, which will be worth over $14,000,000 after taxes has come at a perfect time for the family as they’ve been dealing with some financial instability in their life. Judith, has been on furlough as the government carried out a partial shutdown of the Fort Wadsworth recreation area, located in Staten Island which put her job on a rocky foundation and was no longer secure. Her son, is also unemployed and the pair together have gone through personal hardships too, such as dealing with his father’s death a while ago, as well as his mother’s boyfriend passing away recently due to health complications. This is probably why the family say they would like to keep life simple and focus on the family’s wellbeing primarily. However, of course they’ll be having lots of fun in between such as travelling, paying for college and securing the children’s future. The retailer will also receive a $10,000 financial incentive for selling the winning ticket.

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