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Canadian Man Wins $33M With Ontario Lottery!

Canadian Man Wins $33M With Ontario Lottery!

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Jason Goreski, 48 from Ontario in Canada has just stepped forward as the winner of a $33,000,000 Lottery prize with the Ontario Lottery. Goreski, who is a father of two, bought his winning ticket from Circle K, which is located on 9th Street in Owen Sounds, and was just about to head out to drive up to the beautiful Bruce Peninsula, to look at some dream cottages for him and his family when he decided to check the ticket. He then saw that he’d matched up four numbers already, and began shaking with excitement, and right after that – he saw that he’d matched up the last two numbers as well, which is when things became “hectic” he said. Goreski, was waiting for his kids, and girlfriend to get ready when this all happened, so he called his girlfriend over to double-check for him, and she was just as shocked as he was. The money has come just at the right time for them, Goreski doesn’t plan to retire with the newfound money as he’s actually recently purchased a heating and cooling company that he’s worked for over 20 years as an expert installer and supervisor, gradually buying into the business over a period of 6 years. The business is now in the midst of expansion, and Goreski said this means he has about 12-15 people, and their families relying on him so it’s important for him to continue with this venture. Although, the money means that his and his family’s future will for sure be more comfortable and secure.

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