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Wife Doesn’t Believe Husband Won $200,000 Lottery Prize!

Wife Doesn’t Believe Husband Won $200,000 Lottery Prize!

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Donald Felger, from Fort Wayne couldn’t believe his $200,000 Hoosier Lottery prize was real! Felger, purchased his ticket which was a $5 20X The Cash - from Phil’s One Stop, which is located at 3540 Saint Joe Center Road in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He left it alone, till he was at home and started scratching it off, seeing an 18 appear above the $200,000 he immediately thought “This is not real”. This came as such a shock, that Felger didn’t even tell Kathryn, his wife, until the next morning. The next morning, Felger casually asked her if she was working Monday, and when she asked why, he told her that they needed to travel to Lottery headquarters in Indianapolis to claim their $200,000. His wife wouldn’t believe him, because he’s always playing practical jokes, so she thought this was just another one of those, but Felger showed her and proved he was telling the truth. Now the couple have made various plans for the winnings, including making additions to their lake house as their family is growing, as well as paying off their car.

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