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Canadian Man Wins $16M, plans to invest it!

Canadian Man Wins $16M, plans to invest it!

Monday, February 18, 2019

Alfonso Buonomo, from Calgary in Canada is ready to essentially wipe a clean slate on his life after finding out he’s won $16,300,000! Buonomo, 38, originally purchased his ticket from a Co-op gas bar which is located in Creekside at 11994 Symons Valley Rd. N.W for $4, and was at the store when he decided to check the ticket, which was for the January 2nd draw. When he first scanned the ticket, and saw the prize amount – it was so huge he thought it may be the barcode of the ticket not the winnings. Feeling shocked, when he realised that wasn’t the case, he decided the best thing to do would be to continue shopping so he could at least process the news whilst doing a mundane task. The winning numbers were: 13, 18, 19, 36, 37 and 43, resulting in a total prize amount of: $16,390,280 which snowballed after the money rolled over about 5 or 6 draws with no winners. Buonomo says this money isn’t utterly life-changing, as he plans to continue working and has managed to stay on the straight and narrow path after his brother-in-law tried to get him to buy a Lamborghini. Instead, his plans are relatively safe, for example he wants to purchase a second vehicle and a motorbike. In his small town of Calgary, this is the biggest lottery win since someone landed $40 million in 2013. Buonomo says he wants to be smart, so he will spend time learning to how manage his new-found wealth, and look into learning how to invest so it never runs out. The first call of action will be paying off his existing mortgage.

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