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Missouri Woman Wins Top Prize of $50,000 with Second-choice Lottery Ticket!

Missouri Woman Wins Top Prize of $50,000 with Second-choice Lottery Ticket!

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Francie Elliot, from Lathrop in Missouri must be happy she bought a different lottery ticket than usual after finding out she’d won $50,000. Elliot was on her way to a particular destination, when she decided to stop off at the Holt Truck Stop, which is located at 4850 S.E. PP Highway in Holt. Whilst there, she was actually looking to purchase a “Missouri Lottery crossword-themed" scratchers which cost $5, however the store was out of stock so she decided to try her luck with a different set of tickets, a couple $3 “Daily Crossword” tickets. It wasn’t until later on that night, that it dawned on her to check the tickets she’d bought, Elliot casually went through the tickets till she got to the third one and maybe because it was night time, she didn’t even realise how many words were matching up. Much to her surprise, she’d actually matched up the letters on the scratchers to create 11 complete words, which is equivalent to the top prize of $50,000. “I mean, I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I had to wake my husband up to have him take a look”, and even he doubted himself and checked the ticket over multiple time just to be sure. What an exciting experience, the Elliot’s say they have still yet to make any decisions on how the money will be spent. Oh well, more time to make smart future choices!

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