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Missouri Woman Wins $100,000 with Gifted Lottery Ticket!

Missouri Woman Wins $100,000 with Gifted Lottery Ticket!

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Virginia Watson, from Linn Creek in Missouri never expected, or believed that she could win the lottery, especially not $100,000. Watson was actually gifted her winning ticket, which was a “Money Tree” Missouri Lottery scratchers and explained how she’s pretty bad at checking the tickets, and recognising whether they are or aren’t winners. So, she’s made her own little strategy which involves setting the tickets aside, and always double-checking so she doesn’t miss anything. This occasion was no different, as she was going through her pile a second time when she said “Oh, my gosh! I think I won $100,000, $100,000” repeating the amount over and over, to try and make sense of reality. Soon after, she went straight to a retailer to have the ticket scanned, and once confirmed, there was lots of visible happiness. Now, she says she has plans to do various things such as improving her home, giving back to her church as well as buying a new car. The winning ticket was purchased from Casey’s General store, located at 4710 Osage Beach Parkway, in Osage Beach. What a lucky story, and a perfect gift.

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