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Australian Mom Wins $76.7M Dollar Prize with Powerball!

Australian Mom Wins $76.7M Dollar Prize with Powerball!

Friday, January 25, 2019

A mom, 40-something, from Sydney in Australia is gobsmacked after learning she has won the largest lottery prize ever won in Australia – a total of AU $107 million, which is worth around $76.7 million in US dollars with Powerball. The woman, who has chosen to keep her identity anonymous told the story of how she bought her ticket online using some randomly chosen numbers – which happened to be: 20, 18, 33, 22, 11, 26, 4 as well as the Powerball number 9. Originally, she was led to believe that she had won $107,000 which she was over the moon about anyway and said “Oh my God, $107,000! That’s amazing” but after being contacted by lottery officials, they told her that it was actually a prize worth far more... $107 million, to which she said was such a large amount of money she couldn’t believe it! The mother works in the health care  sector,  and says she has no plans to leave her job but instead her main priority, is helping her family. “I’m a healthcare professional but I won't be retiring! I’m so passionate about my job. It will drive me to do more health work for causes important to me”. Other plans of hers include using the money to donate to her favourite charity and do some travelling, she explained that this new-found wealth is just an opportunity to do the things she’s dreamed about - including buying a caravan for travel too. She says sleep will be difficult in the fourth-coming days, so she’ll be having a bit of cheap wine to help her sleep!

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