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Illinois Woman Wins $500,000 With Scratch-off Game!

Illinois Woman Wins $500,000 With Scratch-off Game!

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Amy Lanigan, from Evergreen Park in Illinois has had a very memorable trip to Michigan after finding out she is the sole winner of a $500,000 prize with the Michigan Lottery! Lanigan bought her ticket, which was a Triple Bonus Cashword instant game from Speedway gas station, located at 635 East 16 th street in Evergreen Park (South of Chicago). The reason she bought the ticket, was because her and her husband were on their way to help out his parents, who were selling a home in Harbour Springs. On the journey her husband purchased a few tickets for her and they actually won some money. So, they thought, why not take their chances and use the small winnings to buy some more lottery tickets to try their luck? I’m sure they don’t regret that decision now, as Amy scratched off the ticket whilst her husband drove and she said she almost fell out of her car seat when she saw all the matching words on the scratch card. Amy also got her daughter to count the matching words, who confirmed they’d won $500,000! 
They were so excited, so they pulled over at the next exit to get a clerk to check the ticket, who directed them to
lottery headquarters as the prize was so big. Now, they’ll be able to go on holiday, purchase a car and a home and
even fulfil college payments for their daughter. “It’s an incredible weight off our shoulders” Lanigan exclaimed.

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