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Missouri Woman Wins $2.9 Million Lottery Prize!

Missouri Woman Wins $2.9 Million Lottery Prize!

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Linda Ragland, from Rolla in Missouri is jumping with joy alongside her whole family after findiang out that she’s won $2,900,000 with the Missouri Lottery. It all started when she purchased the ticket from Break Time, which is located at 1300 Highway 72 E. in Rolla, but it was her husband who ended up scratching the ticket to find that they had matched all 6 numbers for the drawing which were: 7, 10, 16, 22, 27 and 39! He was so surprised, and in disbelief that he checked it several times over on the official lottery website before coming forward to his wife, Linda to tell her that they’d won a huge amount of money. Linda then asked her daughter to check as well, because to be honest – this isn’t the kind of thing you’d want to make a mistake about. “When I called her, she thought someone was dying”, Linda said.
Thinking about the turn of events, Linda gave some credit to her granddaughter who was originally going to visit to help take some decorations from Christmas down but Linda was able to get the job done early herself and went to the store to buy the lottery ticket. Had her granddaughter come over, Linda may have never even left the house to buy a ticket in the first place, she explained. The family are super happy, and say this money will enable them to remove all debt in their lives, as well as purchase a home and be able to use the money for the rest of retirement. The retailer will receive a $5,000 financial incentive just for selling the winning ticket!

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