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Lincolnshire Man Wins $86 Million – 12th Largest Prize in the UK

Lincolnshire Man Wins $86 Million – 12th Largest Prize in the UK

Friday, December 28, 2018

Lincolnshire Man Wins $86 Million – 12th Largest Prize in the UK Andrew Clark, 51, from Boston, Lincolnshire who’s been piling up lottery tickets in his van for ages has found out he’s the winner of $86,000,000 with Euro Millions! Clark called himself the man who nearly lost £76M after explaining the story of how he’d always buy tickets and not check them until his family heard in the local news that there was a local prize unclaimed and began pressuring Clark to check his ticket. This literally went on for weeks before he finally gave in and went through checking his entire stash of tickets one evening, not surprisingly – he'd won a massive prize (the 12th biggest prize won in the UK) and now says he is pleased that his partner and her niece convinced him to check. The self-employed builder says that this Christmas will be a quiet one for them, however next year they have plans to do a grand event where they will hire out a hotel so the family can come together to talk of how the winnings have influenced/benefited their lives. Clark, and his partner Trisha Fairhurst have already bought a new home (a modest 4 bedroom) and 2 new cars, however, the thing they are most excited about is helping their family. Although they didn’t upgrade the Christmas presents for this year, Clark admitted he has increased the amount of money going into his grandchildren’s Christmas card’s - e.g. his 6-year-old granddaughter who normally gets £30, received £200 which had her jumping for joy. The cars they bought were a Nissan Qashqai, and a Mercedes for £80,000, what’s interesting is when they were buying the Nissan for Trisha, even the car dealer asked “are you those £76 Million winners” but they kept quiet. Clark says he will be giving up his job, and looks forward to leaving cold winters behind to go on hot holidays to places like: the Maldives, Hawaii, and Mauritius. Whilst his partner, on the other hand, says she will continue to work as a catering assistant at a Hospital, but says the money will be a huge help to her 14-year old daughter with special needs. They will be able to set her up for life with private care, and residential care when she’s older. Mr. Clark has 2 sons, and 3 granddaughters and says they will all be looked after, and shouldn’t even want anything. Clark hasn’t changed though and says he’ll still only check his lottery tickets every couple of months. "This win isn't just about Christmas magic, it's about creating a lifetime of magical moments for all those around us. Again, what a great Christmas this family must have had. Merry Christmas to everyone, who knows – you could be the next big winner!

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