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A lucky woman recovers a $300,000 lottery ticket

A lucky woman recovers a $300,000 lottery ticket

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

A 64-year-old Michigan woman explained she wouldn't have realized her lottery ticket was worth as much as $300,000 if she didn’t enter it in a second chance game.

The Otsego County resident told the lottery officials she purchased the Double Bonus Cashword game from the Marathon gas station in Gaylord and she put it in her pile of non-winners when she was scratching it off.

The woman explained she wasn’t aware anything was wrong until she attempted to enter her losing tickets for second chance games.

"I sat down to enter some of the tickets from my pile, and this one just wouldn't go in," she added.

"I tried to put it in three times and just knew I must be missing something. I gave the ticket another look, and realized I forgot to scratch the puzzle at the bottom of the ticket. I started scratching that puzzle and that's when I saw I had a bunch of words," she remarked.

The winner mentioned she wasn’t aware how much was the prize until she scanned it at a gas station till.

"That evening, my friend and I were on our way to a work Christmas party, and we stopped at the Marathon so I could scan the ticket to see what I'd won. As soon as the clerk told me it was a $300,000 winner, I started screaming: 'Oh my God!' I got so shaky, I thought I might be having a heart attack," the winner noted.

The woman mentioned that her lucky prize will let her to have shorter working hours.

"I've been on cloud nine since I won! I have been trying to cut my hours back at work so I can spend more time with family and this will help me do that and live more comfortably," the player commented.

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